About Us

The Terrace Gardener was established in 1988 in Claremont, Western Australia. With its showroom now in Dalkeith, The Terrace Gardener is a garden design company, and garden products outlet. It fills a niche in the outdoor garden market with its offering of contemporary and classic garden products and ideas to enhance Perth gardens.

The company imports authentic traditional and contemporary French pottery from the south of France, authentic traditional terracotta pots from Tuscany and modern contemporary Italian pots and furniture from the north of Italy. 

These collections offer great versatility to the creation of a garden and its features, allowing many different styles to be developed. 

The Italian contemporary collection, manufactured by Serralunga, is a world leader in the provision of products for the modern outdoor living with its stunning range of pots, furniture and lights. 

We are pleased to offer these collections for your perusal on our online store.